How AA Works?
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Suggestions...not requirements: 

Meetings:  In AA, it is recommended that those starting out in recovery attend 90 meetings in 90 days.  For Al-Anon, we recommend a minimum of two meeting per week.
Sponsor:  Find a sponsor.  A sponsor is somebody in the "program" who has already gone through the recovery stages.  They can support and guide you in your recovery process.
The 12 Steps:  Work the Steps.  The 12 Steps provide an emotional and spiritual framework for recovery.
Service:  Active involvement in AA or Al-Anon gets you plugged into the program with others who share your affliction.
Prayer and Meditation:  Finding a way for spiritual expression that works for us is an individual decision.  Allowing each other this freedom is absolutely neccessary in recovery.
Literature:  This refers to reading The Big Book, Twelve and Twelve, and Al-Anon literature.
Home Group:  Joining a group and committing to regular attendance at that meeting helps us engage with others in the program and become " a part of " instead of " apart from."  
The good news is that following these suggestions practically ensures successful recovery.  The bad news is that most of us are terrible at following suggestions.
The choice is yours!


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