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If you want your Clean Date listed Dusty at:


Steve A. had 6 years on the same day Pete celebrated his 3 years.  Know of any anniverserys that may want to be acknowledged send me a quick e-mail and the word will get out. 
- Dusty
Congratulations to both Steve A. & Pete L. & Buster;;;;;;;;love for a brother in recovery.
Dusty L.


23 March 2008:

03.23 is a popular clean date, I too celebrated 1 year clean on Tuesday! I can't tell you how good it feels, I know we do it 1 day at a time, but to finally put 365 of them together again is a real blessing. Love You Dusty Shelley R


1 April 1985:

Jenny T has 24 years on the 1st I believe – I love these anniversary updates thanks a bunch!!!

She’ll be celebrating Friday at Happy Havelock 6:30

Thanks Dusty,