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Barack Obama '08

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Click here for a quote by Teddy Roosevelt

Another great speech by Barack Obama!

Don't listen to the spin! Click the video below and listen to the speech.  Barack Obama speech on 18 March 2008 about racism:

Find any book you want at Amazon.com:

6 March 2008 after Billary won the Texas and Ohio Democratic Primaries: 



I just joined Barack Obama's campaign for president. Want to join me?

Click HERE!!!

I share the same goals as Barack Obama: ending the Iraq War, honoring our commitment to our veterans, achieving energy independence, stopping the genocide in Darfur, improving our schools, and affordable universal health care for every single American.

I know the political process sometimes seems superficial and worse. But Barack Obama gives me hope for a better America and a better world.

So please take a moment to learn more about Senator Obama and join the campaign:



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