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Gratitude Letters:

I welcome pats on my back!

1 February 2008:
I am a veteran and I believe that I am unable to utilize the VA hospital and any of its facilities.  I live in Omaha and for a year I lived about 4 blocks from the hospital and I could not walk in and get treatment.  I made too much money.  If I had insurance I could not receive treatment I had to go to different Dr's different hospitals etc.
You may be on to something.  Give all of those who served a health care card and let us go to our own Dr's. 
Every now & then Fred you show what you are really made of.  I have said it all along "You are a great guy".  The challenge is to get all your energy & insight  channeled in the right direction and in the right manner so people can work for positive change.  The voice of the veterans through the Am. Legion and the VFW etc. might be one of many ways to get people to connect with this cause.
Mike :>)

30 January 2008:


Absolutely, take health care to the veteran instead of having to go where the government dictates!


Mark King

Lincoln, NE, USAF Veteran

21 December 2007:

Dear MoveOn member,

Before we head out for the holidays, we wanted to give you some good news—an energy bill victory that you helped make happen!

This week, Congress passed, and President Bush signed, the first increase in auto fuel efficiency in over 20 years.1 New cars and trucks will have to average 35 miles a gallon—a 40% improvement over current standards. The bill also contains a groundbreaking green jobs package and improved efficiency standards for appliances and buildings.

The big automakers and coal companies lobbied hard against the bill, and President Bush threatened to veto. But MoveOn members—including you—joined with our allies in the environmental movement to keep the pressure on all year.  Finally, this week, the President bowed to that pressure and signed the bill into law.

Thank you for your work on this important issue. Together we delivered hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, made tens of thousands of phone calls to Congress, held lots of local events, and made this an issue that Congress and the President couldn't ignore.  

It's important to note, though, that we still have a long way to go. Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood up for clean energy in the House, delivering a progressive bill with new tax incentives for solar energy and requirements to generate 15% of electric power from renewable sources. The House bill would have paid for our clean energy future by taking away billions of dollars in unnecessary tax breaks from oil and gas companies that are making record profits.

But the Senate couldn't pass these provisions—one single Republican vote blocked the way.2 And so they didn't make it into the bill that the President signed into law. 

This victory is an important first step in the fight to stop the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis and put us on the path to a clean energy future. But we have a long way to go together, and the year ahead will be a crucial one. 

Thanks for all you do, and happy New Year!

–Noah, Ilyse, Matt, Carrie, and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
  Friday, December 21st, 2007

11 December 2007:

Thank you for sharing this information.  I will share with some appropriate contacts.
For my own tracknig purposes, are you a constituent of district 29 in Lincoln (SE Lincoln)?  I hope you won't mind that I retain your email for future communications from my office.
Thanks for helping veterans.
Tony Fulton
Senator Tony Fulton
Nebraska Legislature, District 29
Office 1019

No, Tony, I am not a constituent of district 29.  However...Lincoln has plenty of Veterans in district 29 and all over Lincoln, NE.
Please keep it to yourself, but I am not a fan of my state legislator.  She is Ms. Amanda McGill and she needs to be defeated in the next election. She never responds to a thing I have to say.  I voted for her because she was good looking and her apponent had a name like Guitar or something.  Who can vote for a Guitar?  That is something I want to see at a bar!
Anyway...thanks for keeping Veterans in mind and if you are interested, please visit http://WilfredMarks.com to get a take on Veteran issues.  Please pay special attention to the "Issues" link and click on the sub-link Veterans.
Thanks for replying,
Wilfred F. Marks
Creator and keeper of http://LincolnRecovery.org