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Amazing Videos!

These videos are awesome!

Military News:  Projects approved by a Democratic controlled Congress and the Obama Administration:


F22 RAPTOR.  Secretary Gates, together with the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, recommended no further procurement of F‑22 aircraft, thus ending the program at 187 planes.  Senator Nelson, of Nebraska, supported their decision and voted against any additional procurement of F-22s for a substantial cost savings. 

We will soon have 2,443 of these F - 35's, approved by Congress and the Obama administration. USA 2,443...World 0. Click here to see the video !!!


F35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (JSF).  Secretary Gates recommended buying 30 F‑35 aircraft in FY10, an increase from the 14 funded in FY09, which increases funding from $6.9 to $11.2 billion.  He called for buying 523 F‑35s, for a total of 2,443 aircraft over the program's life. In support of Secretary Gates' proposal to end the second-engine program for the F-35, Senator Ben Nelson voted to eliminate funding for the program. In other words, Senator Nelson supported Secretary Gates.

The F - 22 Raptor. Thank gawd we have 187 of these babies !!! USA - 187...World - 0


C‑17 GLOBEMASTER III.  Secretary Gates proposed ending C‑17 procurement, with no additional funding for the C‑17 program. Supporters of the program believe that continued production of this aircraft will be needed to address future combat-related needs, and Senator Nelson agrees.  On September 30, 2009, Senator Nelson joined 68 of his colleagues to vote for continued funding of the C‑17. 

Click here to watch the C - 17 Globemaser III


This kid has a set of lungs, man!