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The Environment

If we don't face this problem and solve it...there will be no other issues to worry about!  God created this world, I think He would appreciate it if you would start taking care of it!  - Wilfred Marks

The Climate Crisis (Click here to buy the DVD: An Inconvenient Truth! Your life and mine depend on it!)


Dear Wilfred,

It's taken 8 weeks, but we found them!

The Japanese whalers thought they would escape us. Using the cover of darkness and help from the Japanese navy, they gave us the slip as they departed Japanese waters eight weeks ago. Then came some tough luck for Greenpeace when we had to leave our helicopter, Tweety, behind in New Zealand for repairs. But even in the vast and unforgiving Southern Ocean, against all odds, we've tracked down the whalers.

Some would call that luck. I call it fate.

Now, we've got them on the run. We've been tailing the factory ship Nisshin Maru for 5 days now and we've literally chased them out of their hunting grounds. As long as the factory ship is on the run, the fleet can't conduct any whaling.