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Cost of the War in Iraq
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Is it just me...or is this getting a little expensive?  Over half way to a Trillion Dollars!
- Fred

25 August 2008:

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30 March 2008:

I am Bitter because, I Know we Can do Better!

I was down in North Omaha (DA hood) picking up my grandson on Friday.  It reminded me of when I was in the Army, I used to accidently take wrong turns on my route to get to Eppley Airfield as I was taking the troops home and ended up cruising down 30th street.  LOL :)  I'd be going down the main drag of North Omaha with a camouflage 5-ton truck.  I really didn't feel too out of place, but...I hated the stop and go with a standard Army transmission. 

North Omaha actually seems like a pretty nice place, but I guess it changes quite a bit at night.  However...I imagine that is just on the main drag that it changes much.  The neighborhood where my grandson has been staying is really pretty scenic and seems pretty peaceful if you ask me.  


Anyway, there was a story in the newspaper about State Senator Ernie Chambers and the fact that he is going to be hard to replace...I was worried until I saw the candidates that are running for his seat.  I am impressed by their resumes!  


If you have been away from Nebraska for a while you missed the "Ernie" law.  Officially, us white folks called it "term-limits", but what it really amounted to was a good old fashioned lynching to get rid of Ernie.  What it really gave us was inexperience and instability in the State Legislature. (I used to call it the Unicameral, but as in the US Congress...there is really no unity there either.  


I will quietly laugh if one of Senator Chambers' potential replacements turns out to be just as BAD (to me BAD is GOOD these days).  You see, I kind of pull for the black community these days as I have a half-black grandson and since his birth, I have avoided joining in on the white trash talk I hear on the street.  I hear white men happy when Tiger does not win and sometimes I am amazed at the "N" word that comes out of their mouths in the same sentence.  It is amazing to me...how many other conversations I have to avoid.


Recently a microphone captured Senator Obama using language that was not his normal eloquent style.  Yet most of us understood what he was saying and I agreed with what he said and my hope is that he will be our next President.  All he said was that our government is not listening and that there are some folks that are bitter about that.  Well, I am a Christian and I agree with Senator Obama and I am bitter about our government!  Am I bitter ALL the time.  No, I am grateful too. 


I am bitter because I know we can do better!  Put that on a bumper sticker and stick it!  Am I claiming to be better or wiser than any one else.  No, but even when I am wrong, I want to be listened to; I want my voice to be heard.  I don't care if politicians don't agree with me; I just don't want to be ignored.


Senator Chambers, thank you for your service to our great State.  Thank you for listening to your constituents.  You have made all of us think and you did an outstanding job!  I know you will continue to support the North Omaha community. 




Candidates for Chambers’ District 11 seat

Dennis Womack,
who grew up in north Omaha, said he has been dedicated to serving his community since moving back to Omaha in 1989. He has been active with the Nebraska Democratic Party and served from 2004-06 as a deputy Douglas County election commissioner. Womack has a background in social work and in work force development. He works as a travel agent with the Marriott Corp.

John Carter,
an attorney, is a former Lincoln police officer and church pastor. He graduated from the Creighton University School of Law and Doane College. Carter says he wants to ensure that the money intended to bring economic development through revitalization in north Omaha reaches its intended recipients. Juveniles should be encouraged, he said, to be participants and not mere spectators to the positive growth and changes in their community.

Brenda Council
successfully argued a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, served 10 years on the Omaha School Board and then won election to the Omaha City Council. She is an attorney with Whitner Law Firm. She earned her undergraduate degree in 1974 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her law degree from Creighton University Law School in 1977.

Devin Santo
No information was available.

26 January 2008
Thank God for Ernie:
I am a white man...and I thank the Lord for Ernie Chambers!  It really is unbelievable how many Nebraskans are still prejudice white trash.
Why would Senator Christenson introduce a ban on Affirmative Action?  That just proves to me that, after all these years, we still need affirmative action.
I wonder what would happen if our black men on the football team took a stand with Ernie and protested by not playing on Saturdays!?!  I wonder if Senator Christianson would back down? I'll bet he would have too when Memorial Stadium no longer sells out because of his ignorance.  I hope some of our recruits read the comments some of you made and think twice about coming to Big Red Neck Country! 
I too, hoped Affirmative Action would not be needed in 2008.  BUT, If it were no longer needed, people like Senator Christenson would not introduce amendments or bans against it. 
Prejudice is cowardice!  And I can see that by the looks of things...many of you decided to remain cowards by not putting your name to your comments in the comment section on this article on the Internet! 
The 60's did not solve anything. President Lincoln and Dr. King did not solve anything.  It is still up to us to change our attitudes and this debate would be unnecessary!
Some of you think you got your way by passing a measure on term limits!  I laugh at such a sally.  You are all fools!  Now you have nothing but inexperience in the Legislature and dissarray.  Be careful what you wish for...you may not want it! 
Do you think Senator Chambers district will vote in a white man?  HA HA HA!  I'll admit, Senator Chambers will be hard to replace, but...we will find a way! 

Here is a link to the Journal-Star article that I am referring to:  http://journalstar.com/articles/2008/01/23/news/politics/doc4797cf318cbe8039026411.txt

Senator E. Benjamin Neslon

440 North 8th Street

Suite 120

Lincoln, Nebraska  68508


                                                                             26 January 2008


SUBJECT:  Veteran Health Care



I have decided not to go back to the VA "Clinic" here in Lincoln.  I request that I be given a health card to seek medical treatment from the private sector so that I may receive the health care I earned as a disabled American veteran.  Of course…I know, this request will never happen, so…read on:


If you have not noticed, I have some issues with the VA Health system.   I have come to believe that the VA Health system is inefficient, ineffective and incompetent.  I can not think of anymore "in" words...so...I will leave it at that. 


Basically...I feel this Country would be a lot better off without the Veteran's Health Administration!  We throw billions of tax dollars every year at a system that is broke!


Of course, we can not shut down the VA, but we should eliminate them from the Health care business and let the Veteran’s Benefit Administration focus on the many claims that they have not processed.


The Army and Air Force hospitals are top notch.  Perhaps we should let the Active Duty handle veteran health care?  They are younger and much more on top of things.


I am prepared to use my Medicare benefits and pay the difference out of my own pocket...just like Mr. Washko suggested, unless of course...we want to go to Omaha.   He must know more about the VA "Clinic" in Lincoln than I do.  He certainly does not show any confidence in it.  They can’t not even handle a strep throat!  Why should I trust them with anything else when they can’t handle that?


It seems to me that the people that get taken care of in this Country are people with no money or people with lots of money like you!  Well, I doubt that I will ever have your money.  So, I will be in line with the illegal immigrants.  The “illegal” immigrants seem to get treated pretty well.


I have also considered moving to the home of my Mother (1919 – 2008):  Canada.  As much as I love this Country and confirmed my love with my 21 years of service…it seems to me they treat ordinary people better in Canada.  Hey…I would be a “legal” immigrant in Canada!  Perhaps Mr. Washko should suggest that all veterans go there to health care! 


Please be sure to get the travel allowance in line with what the Active Duty gets.  We may be doing a lot of traveling to Canada in the future!  I sure would appreciate a ride…maybe you could teach me how to hunt?  Please don’t invite the Vice President!  






Wilfred F. Marks, SFC (E7), Disabled Retiree of the United States Army



And they don't give a damn what I think either!