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Family Photo Album

Here's the Family:

Marie Jeanne (Meunier) Marks,  24 Sep 1919 - 24 Jan 2008...AKA Mom!


Mom has always been my best friend !!!  No matter how wrong I was...somebody else was always to blame!  :)  How can you beat that?!?

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Dad (1914 - 1995)


Dad died on 17 May 1995, but he got to see the Huskers win a National Championship under Osborne before he died.  We used to love to watch the Huskers together.  I miss him still.  Mom and Dad were members of the "Greatest Generation" and Dad served during WWII in Alaska and Mom supported him.  Dad was pretty much like God to me.  I imagine God is a lot like him.
Dad always told me when I screwed up and my ultimate goal was to make him proud of me.  Dad, I am still working on it!  :)  Rest in peace my friend. I am getting there! 



Silvia (my oldest sister) is a pretty darn good golfer these days and she is very competetive!

Silvia has been married for 41 years.  She has four kids and 10 grandchildren!  No great grandchildren, yet.  Tammy, my niece, served in the US Army in the medical field and achieved the rank of Captain.
Silvia and Tim (her husband) currently spend time in Indiana and Florida, but make it back for Husker games as often as they can.  Go Big Red !!!



Being the middle child, life had it's ups and downs for Marylynn, but she is tough and a very hard worker! 
Marylynn lives in Wareham, Massachussettes and has one daughter, Elizabeth, who is also married now.  She met a guy, Bill, from Offutt Air Force Base when she lived in Omaha and he took her to the East Coast when he got out of the Military.  She is currently very happy and enjoying her new husband, Mark, very much!  Life is good!



Jeannine is a Vietnam era Veteran!  Like Dad, she joined the Air Force.  She met her first husband in the Air Force and they have two boys together!  Her son is currently in the Navy on one of our Nations submarines. Like Silvia, she has several grandchildren. 
Jeannine has a heart of gold, but be prepared to hide your stuff when she comes over.  She should have been a Crime Scene Investigator! 
Jeannine and her current husband, David, currently live in Hooper, Nebraska.  Her and David do an excellent job of taking care of Mom!  Thanks, Jeannine and David !!!



Lucille graduated from Lincoln East High and the University of Nebraska.  She taught at Southeast for a year as an English teacher and then went off to Washington, DC.  I am not sure exactly what she does there.  It's top secret!
Her and her husband, Valentine, raise cats and flowers in DC and vacation in the Virginia countryside.  Of course, she chears for the Huskers whenever they are on national TV and of course she is also a big Redskins fan!      

Lucille, my youngest sister, is 7 years older than I am and probably wasn't real happy to see me come along, but, I think she got used to me.  She is the one that introduced me to the Beatles and every since then...I wanted to be a Beatle!  LOL :)



And then here I am...7 years younger than my youngest sister and the only boy!  No wonder I drank!  LOL :)  I have two children, Jamison and Julia, and three grandchildren: Tellis, Avery and Nova.

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