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Fred's Opinion 2017

Tuesday, 21 November 2017:

This was the beginning of the end. After this game, Nebraska Fans thought we could not, should not and would not ever lose again. We would be #1 forever. Devaney was God and Osborne was his chosen Son:

Little did we know that other teams not only wanted to win and beat our glorious Huskers, but that they would, could and did ! How dare them ! We nearly sent Osborne packing for Colorado. There would be countless heartbreaks. Husker fans are the best in the Nation when the 18 to 22 year old kids win, but they are quick to boo and call for the job of the head coach when they lose. I guess we are not too much different than any other fans in the Nation. God bless the Cubby fans ! Let's hope they don't become too spoiled and demanding. No one is entitled to a championship even if you have won one before. It has to be earned every day and the fans don't have much to do with it.

It is a different game than it was in 1970. Sure it was great to win by 70 points over hapless Army or Minnesota, but it was pretty boring too. The only game that mattered back then was Oklahoma. Every other game was over at halftime. Teams are much more competitive today and it is much more exciting not knowing who is going to win or lose. I say go HUSKERS ! Win or lose. Who the hell else am I going to cheer for? No other school in Nebraska in that league. No pro teams. Nothing else on TV. Now, it is not only football but a Soap Opera listening to the Media and the fans whine about a team that they have nothing to do with. I wake up every day wondering what the next story line is going to be from the Media and the fans. It's almost as good as watching President Trump. Perhaps he would like to be coach. Being President doesn't seem to take much time and he certainly knows everything.

I love football, but I have to admit...if we didn't send our kids to war encouraging them to play American football is the second most abusive thing we can do to them. Why does America have more violence than any other county on earth? I don't think you have to look too far.

One example:

Not sure if it was the hit or the bad call that was abusive. LOL :)

AND yes...I have been abusive, a sexual pig and a jerk just like many of the men I was told I should admire and emulate. Looking back I should have stuck with Jack Nicklaus as my one and only hero. Instead I chose drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll. Dear Lord, I am weak.

I could have, should have and was told to be a Priest. My Catholic mother would have been so proud, but come to find out, they are not sacred or perfect either. I knew if I became a Priest...sex would be out of the question. Apparently some Priest's didn't hear the same message.

Damn, nothing is as it seemed or as I was told. I didn't used to think I was a liar until I was one. Why wouldn't I be, I was lied to. It would all be funny if it were not true. "Just Gimme some Truth", John Lennon said. Not sure what that we know what the truth is, John.

All that aside...I will cheer for Mike Riley (he is truly a nice guy) and the Huskers on Friday. I may even go to the game for free (bunch of hypocrites giving up their seats) and cheer on a bunch of "abused" kids. No matter what...someone in Memorial Stadium will be happy. I know I will be whether or not the Huskers win or lose.

I want to thank the University of Nebraska for what they taught me and the degree that they awarded me, but I really want to thank AA. AA taught me that no matter what happens in the world around me, I can be happy and be grateful I am alive. I can see, hear and analyze the game on Friday. Many people can't. Thanks to my sponsors in AA, thanks to the program and especially...thank you God ! Go Big Red !

I am grateful every morning, knowing that I am going to see my AA friends and wondering what is going to happen next ! May God bless us and keep us until then !

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