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Or...what does Fred do?

I am not interested in a full-time sales career, however, I know from my past experience that if I wait for a job to hit the paper...it will probably already be gone. The job I want is as a courtesy driver or as a delivery driver. Please pass this information on to your personnel department and let them know my interest.

I am a 55 year old retired veteran with a good driving record and interested in working up to 25 hours per week. Here is some more information about me:

* Father and Step-Father to 2 girls and 2 boys.

* Founder, editor and publisher of www.LincolnRecovery.org

* Volunteer at Lincoln Central Service Office.

* Work as a volunteer for Operation Veteran's Encouraging Recovery (OVER) as webmaster and secretary.

* Worked at Summit Care and Wellness as a Recovery Support Specialist from July of 2014 to February of 2015: www.SummitCareandWellness.com

* 21 Years of service in the Nebraska Army National Guard. 17 years Active Duty and 4 years of Reserve status from 2 June 1982 until 3 September 2003.

No, I never shot anyone and I never went overseas. All the same...I am proud of my service and retired on the reserve side with an honorable discharge. Although I never faced the danger of serving in a Theater of War, I trained to fight and went where they told me. We all signed a blank check that said we were willing to pay with our lives ! Go Army ! But, join the Air Force, if you can...it's a much better life.

* During and prior to my military service I worked at Montgomery Ward's (1978 - 1985). Employed there for 7 years and served as a supervisor for cashiers.

* Attended and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BS degree in Secondary Education with a Major in English and Minors in Speech, Journalism and Theater. Student taught at my old high school (Lincoln East High).

* After college, I worked for a short time (10 months) as a Insurance Agent at Mutual of Omaha. Left that job in 1986 to go on Active Duty with the Nebraska Army National Guard as a Squad Instructor for PLDC (Primary Leadership and Development Course) at Camp Ashland, NE.

* I am no war hero, but I know some that are. I consider veterans important and deserving of compassion and care. That is why I am a member of OVER (Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery) and that is why I give it a lot of my attention along with recovery issues. www.OVERNow.org