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The Beatles !!!

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When I was a kid of 4 in Omaha, Nebraska...I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  Our whole family gathered around the black and white.  The same TV that I saw the Kennedy funeral on.  My sisters and all of the girls on TV were screaming for the Beatles!  The Country needed some relief from the assassination.  I heard the girls scream with excitement and I said to myself that night...I want to be a Beatle !!!  - Fred


What is BeatleRockin !?!  Check it out:

Of course, I could never be a Beatle, but...I tried...I played piano and guitar and I sang too....I ended up being a United States Soldier. :)  Elvis was a United States Soldier !!!  Cool, huh ?!?  I guess we are all related somehow -  Sergeant Pepper !!!

CBS News eye on America

Can't buy me Love !!!

Get Back 2009 !!!

A drag isn't it?

The death of John Lennon announced on Monday Night Football.

A idiot kills John Lennon.

Neil Young doing "A Day in the Life"

Jeff Beck doing "A Day in the Life"