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Worker Protection

Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, we are watching you! 

How many workers have to be killed before Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao does her job?

Across the country, factory fires and explosions caused by "combustible dust" are claiming lives. Last month alone more than a dozen workers died, and still Elaine's department is stalling on regulations to protect workers.

Concerned lawmakers sent Elaine an official letter urging her to take immediate steps to prevent these fires and explosions. Elaine didn't even respond.

So Congress is holding a hearing TODAY, 12 March 2008 on a bill that would force Elaine to act. It's absurd that it has come to this, but we need your help.

Tell your representative to support this bill and protect workers NOW !!!

Please also send a copy of your letter to Elaine Chao to let her know you're appalled at her inaction.

When fine-grained dust builds up in sugar, grain, lumber, or other factories, one spark can be enough to cause a deadly explosion. Factory owners can prevent these disasters by simply cleaning up the dust regularly – but many don't.

And even though top safety officials warned her to issue rules on combustible dust two years ago, Elaine still hasn't lifted a finger.

Taking matters into their own hands, Rep. George Miller (D-CA) and Rep. John Barrow (D-GA), have introduced legislation – H.R. 5522, the Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire Prevention Act of 2008 – that will force Elaine's department to issue new rules to protect workers.

Last month, 12 workers were killed and over 60 more were injured in a deadly dust explosion at the Imperial Sugar Co. in Savannah, Georgia. How many more workers have to die before Elaine writes these regulations?

Stand with Reps. Miller and Barrow by telling your Representative to support H.R. 5522 IMMEDIATELY.

Elaine's failure to write these regulations is just one example of the destruction she's wrought on America's workers. She's turned the Department of Labor into an anti-worker, anti-union entity that fails to even keep people alive at work.

After you've sent your letter, please forward this message to your family and friends so we can keep the pressure on Elaine Chao. America's workers need your help because they can no longer count on the Department of Labor.

Thanks for all you do to protect workers.


Liz Cattaneo
American Rights at Work


P.S. You can learn more about H.R. 5522 at Open Congress. To see the latest news on combustible dust, visit our blog.

P.P.S. We rely on you to fund our important work – click here to make a secure donation today.

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about American Rights at Work.

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