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A conversation with another veteran on a Plastic Card for Disabled Veterans

Ladies and Gentelman of the United States Congress, Mr. President and honored guests:

Here are my thoughts on this, Randy. Tell me what you think. Just call it
the Marks Plan:

Mr. President and Ladies and Gentleman of the United States Congress:

We all want to help veterans.  The question is, how do we do that?  I have
closely followed the ranking Senators and Representatives sitting on the
Senate and House committees.  I know your intentions are good, but.

1) You are listening to the wrong people and you are asking the wrong

2) You hope and pray that money will fix the problem.

Congress and the Executive Branch need to work together and all of you
need  to learn how to "think outside of the box!"  What are you doing in the
box!?!  Well, that is easy.since WWII the VA was established to help WWII
veterans and.like President Reagan said.once you create a government
program, it is very hard to kill!!!  The VA is a monster dinosaur that
needs change!

On point #1, from what I have heard you say you are asking VA caregivers
(providers), how they can best serve the veteran.  The caregivers are NOT
the veteran!  Why don't we take a survey of disabled veterans and ask them
if going to a local doctor and hospital would help them?  You are afraid
to ask that question because the answer would be YES!  YES, that is what we

No caregiver is going to give you the above answer.  They are interested
in keeping their jobs at the VA hospitals and clinics and the more veterans
they transport to their hospital, the more likely that they will keep
their jobs!  Who can blame them!  Most veterans are smart enough to know that
these people get paid good money to "take care" of them.  No one should be
surprised that the caregivers and providers are screaming for more money!
Hell, send me some of that!

Government agencies protect themselves.  They have a survival instinct of
their own.  When they feel threatened their survival instinct kicks in and
they will eat their young to survive.  In this analogy, unfortunately, the
"young" that they end up eating is the veteran.

On point #2, Money will not fix the problem.  I am sitting here laughing
at you people watching you throw money down the drain! No matter how much
money you spend on VA hospitals, maintenance, modernization, construction,
staff, relocation etc.  You and the American Taxpayer will never have enough
money to bring care to the veteran in his hometown!  It is not going to happen.
It would not even be close to practical.

Conclusion:  The VA Health Care System is broke.

Solution:  We sell it and give disabled veterans a Health Care Card to
seek treatment in the private sector.

Mr. Marks, did I hear you right?  Yes you heard it hear first from Wilfred
F. Marks, SFC, Retired and a Disabled Veteran.

1) The taxpayer saves a lot of money and takes care of the disabled
veteran at the same time.

2) The money from the sale of  buildings and equipment should be put
into a fund to pay bills incurred from the private sector for care of our
veterans. Good realtors and good auctioneers should be able to bring a
good price for the sale of VA assets.
3) There should be a large savings in money in staff salaries.


1) Some people are going to lose their jobs, but, new jobs will be
created in the private sector.

2) New staff will need to be hired as claims come in from the private
sector and will need to be paid by the VA.


Lincoln, NE  

Fred; your the man---I vote for you!!!!! Love ya Man---Camo 1 - Randy Holke, SFC, Retired, 3 tours in Vietnam.

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