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This woman supported my Dad through WWII and Korea! We need to thank this Canadian!  Her and Dad were members of the greatest generation!  Thank you to veterans from that generation.  Thank you to all veterans!

Jeanne Marie (Meunier) Marks,  24 Sep 1919 - 24 Jan 2008:



Grandma and Julia 1985:

25 January 2008:




What she meant to Dad was everything! 


I told Dad…I would take care of her…and…I did the best I could. 


Dad said to me before he died...Fred, I apologize for leaving you with all these women!  


I talked to him the other day...I said Dad...it's payback time!  I'm sending them back to you one-at-a-time!  LOL :) 


It took, our Dad 3 times to find my Mom at the end of WWII and his Warrant Officer exams, he met her in Canada! 


He told me he married her because she was a strong Catholic and she wouldn’t cheat on him.  I can imagine how he felt. 

What she meant to me.


She was always there for me with unconditional love. 


Even when I disrespected her, she never stopped loving me!  Yep...she wacked me...but...she never stopped lovin' me!


She never stopped loving me when I made mistakes, went to jail or wanted to kill myself. 


She was always there. 


She always loved me no matter what.


My Dad and my sisters, rightfully scorned me, but Mom…she always felt it must have been somebody else’s fault! 


And you know what?…she was not far off.


I accept my responsibility, but Mom was smart enough to know…she had taught me well! 


The Church had taught me well and my Father had taught me well!


AA taught me to look at myself first and I agreed. 


Al-Anon (friends and family of alcoholics) taught me that other people played a part and that WE are Responsible for our Own Happiness!


If I had listened to Mom…I would have never needed AA or Al-Anon!


I would be running for President right now!


And, of course... I would have a commanding lead!


I, never would have inhaled !!!


I love you, Mom and I will miss you!


When Dad died, you said you wished you could crawl in his casket and go with him!


Now…I know...what that feels like!   


I wish I could be with both of you, but…I have to wait!  

To all of you...I have to wait!


Jesus suffered on the Cross for all of us for all time! 


It is a small price to pay to wait to be with my Mother and Father again.


I thank God for giving me Jesus and my Mother and Father!


Believe!  He has Risen and He will come again!  This is the good news my Mother taught me!


Rejoice! And be Glad!




25 January 2008 (1 day after my Mother entered the gates of Heaven!)


Tammy at 10 ! My Mom and Dad's first grandchild! We all loved you sooo much, Tammy!!! We still do!!! :)

Captain, United States Army!


Jeannine's kid's...Erich and David (1976):



2007 Thanksgiving!

Ya, Mom...not like yours!


Let's have some more, Mom!


Erich and Julia:
He he he!


Julia with cousins David and Erich !!!
Julia with cousins David and Erich in Grandma's yard !!!


Fred's Son ! Go Rockets !!!

Jamison, Starting Quarterback for Northeast !
Run, Jamie, Run !!! Grandma and Grandpa's Grandson!


This guy is one big Stud...just like his Dad! Recently graduated from Southeast Community College and a member of the Nebraska Air National Guard !!!

Ooooh, ahhh!


Marylynn's daughter, Elizabeth:

Hi, Elizabeth...you can hide...you can run...
but, we will find you! And...we love you!

Sorry, Elizabeth...you look just like a Marks!


4 Generations!



Mom with Brian's family...we thought after Brian left we were going to lose her then...but, she recovered after she broke her hip and had a stroke or two! Here she is with Brian's family at the Merrit Nursing Home in Fremont. She fought her way through and said...get me back to (home) Shalimar!



Mom, and some more great grandkids!

Grandma with Erich's kids New Years Day 2008.


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