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Click here to support homeless Veterans! (Anyone from anywhere can sign. Please participate!)

I support our troops 100 percent! I used to be one...who knows, they might still call this old fart back up! That is why we need a draft...if they call me back for duty...they are really desperate!

Click here to read about Domestic Violence and the Military

Click here to tell the Army and Marines how grateful you are!

Send our troops a Phone Card!

BOHICA!!! Click here and watch the Military take your bonus!

Click here for the Iraq War Video Memorial!

Welcome Home Troops! We love our National Guard in Nebraska! Click here for more details!

Going to war is not easy... coming home can be harder

Look at our Navy:

If our Navy is that good...just think how good the Marines and Army are!!!   Obviously, our NAVY has way too much time to practice!  LOL :)  Go get 'em squids!

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