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The Candidates

The best news I can think of is that we are going to have a new President in 2009! 

Before you make a decision, listen to the whole speech...don't listen to the spin!  Barack Obama speech on 18 March 2008 about racism:

John McCain is a hero. No one will dispute that. Here is a link to learn more about John S. McCain

Let's make one thing clear...Barack Obama is running for President!

As Americans, we dream of a President who is honest, personable, intelligent, and wise.


We want a leader with courage and integrity who has known the struggles of an everyday American. A lot of people have stopped believing that may even be possible.


I haven't stopped believing. I support Barack Obama because he is that leader.


Support Barack by clicking on the link below: 


Click here to support Barack Obama!


This campaign for the presidency is unparalleled in history. Our need for an honest, fresh-thinking leader could not be more urgent. Americans are hungry for change and Barack Obama will bring that change when he is elected.


November will be here soon and we need to make sure that Barack Obama is the Democrats nominee!


Click here to support Barack and help him win the Democratic nomination!



Click here to Support Barack Obama!

This could be the most important race for President in U.S. history!

The Dem Store! (Bumper Stickers and more!)

GOP Shoppe (GOP Bumper Stickers and more!)

What is with the pointing and the thumbs up?!?

Why Obama?

Donate to the Barack Obama Campaign!

Click here to take the Candidate Quiz!

Hillary on Military and Veteran Issues

Donate to the Barack Obama Campaign!