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The High Cost and Low Efficiency of VA Health Care

Our Disabled Veterans Deserve the Best!

20 December 2008
The Problem: the High Cost and Low efficiency of Veteran Health Care.

One person's solution to the cost of VA Health Care: 


1.      I condone the use of a Government Health card that would pay for all Veteran health care 100 percent at any U.S. Hospital and with any U.S. doctor! 


2.      Sell all Veteran Affairs Hospitals, land and equipment to the private sector.


3.       Lay off all Veteran Health Administration staff. With    the great training these people got from the VA they    should have no problem finding jobs in the private    sector.


4.       With the money that is saved, pay private hospitals and doctors for veteran health care.  This would be much more efficient and cost effective.


These are all just ideas of course and my opinion.  I think we should all be willing to work together to solve the problem. 


I have identified the problem and I have come up with a possible solution. Please give all of this your deepest consideration.      




Lincoln, NE


The return from the killing fields is more than a debriefing… it is a slow ascent from hell.


-        James Hillman

“A Terrible Love of War”

Frequently asked Questions and Comments on a Government Veteran Health Card!

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