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Who I am and what I do:

I am 48-years-old as of 29 November 2007.  I am an advocate for Veterans with special emphsis on Veterans in Recovery from drugs and alcohol. 

I thank the Nebraska Army National Guard and the VA for helping me with my medical problems and giving me an honorable discharge despite my off-duty antics.  I am sincerely sorry for the pain and hurt that I caused my commrades and I hope that they will forgive me.  Though I can never fully repay them, I hope that my advocacy for Veterans and alcohol and drug recovery will help someone along the way and that God will have mercy on me.    

I am not proud of my actions in the past, but, I am sure lucky to have found a program of recovery and all of my friends. Yes, I have seen the inside of the Lancaster County Jail.  Hell, I was prisoner of the month!  No, I don't deserve all of the good things I got out of being a "bad boy," but I sure will take them!  What great gifts!  Thank you, God!
Looking back on it, I realize that when I drank, I was a hypocrite.  I did things that, even I did not believe were right.  We can all agree that driving drunk is not a good thing, but I did it!  What was I thinking?!?  When I am sober and living the way I should...I am no longer a hypocrite.  What a relief!!! 

This is not to say that I am perfect now and I may well drink again.  All, I can say is that I am sober today and I love being sober today!  If I do drink again, I have surely lost my mind...please take me to the nearest facility where they can deal with me! 
I will make mistakes sober.  I allow myself to be human today.  The biggest thing I have learned in sobriety is that I don't know anything!  I have unlearned more than I have learned and I start a new life every day.  Thank you to all of you for being human and letting me be human too!

Politically, I have some ideas for change.  Don't we all?  These ideas don't come from Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives.  I might call myself "progressive", but I am sure that at some point that label will have negative connotations too.  Please don't label me today...I might have changed by tomorrow.  Each situation is different and every situation calls for flexibility.

I love music (I need to buy another guitar!  I hocked my last one) and watching and playing golf (I need some new woods!).  I have two dogs, Ruckus and Rudy that keep me very busy.  I also really love following the Husker football team!  Win or lose...it is always interesting!


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Little Big Man
Forrest Gump

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

The Beatles

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