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Pondering Thoughts!

I may never get sober enough not to take another drink, but I sure hope I don't get so drunk that I never get sober !


A letter to Addiction

I thought you gave me happiness and joy when all

you really did was take, take take, and take. That’s it.

You literally robbed me of everything that I loved in this

world. You robbed me of my emotions. I wasn’t able to

love my family like I know I can. Honestly, I thought

the day would never come that I would say goodbye. I

always thought we would be best friends. Instead I realized

I was having an affair with you, cheating my wife

out of what she and I both deserve: true love. I can’t

believe the things that you and I did when we were in

the throes of passion. The places you took me were

never exotic but more like escapes. I thought you were

the only one in the world for me. You had me wrapped

around your little finger. Spare time...was all yours.

Even time from work...was all yours. Now I am just

ashamed that I even gave you the time of day. I have so

much to say to you that it would take several pads of

paper and many boxes of pens to put it all down. Not

only did you take all those things from me but you introduced

me to all your pals: Xander Xanex, Kevin K-pin,

Victor Valium, and Alvin Alcohol. They took me to new least what I thought were heights but really

they were basement lows. You and your friends robbed

me of my motivation to do anything: to play with my

kids, to love my wife, to go further in my job, to find a

new job once I lost my old one (which was because of

you in the first place). I thought you could help me find

a job. Instead I delved deeper and deeper into your pit

of despair. You had such a tight grip on me that I

couldn’t even breathe. You and your friends betrayed

me, lied to me, stole from me. Some things I may never

get back.

I have finally pulled myself out of your clutches. I

have finally been set free! After a nine year relationship

with you, I am getting a so- called divorce from you. I’m

taking everything! I’ve found a new way to live.

Through the 12 steps of AA and NA, I’m able to get my

life back, and take back all the things I thought were

gone. It’s my turn to take. I give myself credit for writing

this letter and becoming responsible and accountable

to God, to others, and to myself.

Very truly, not yours, Brandon


There is a lot of wisdom that comes out of going to are some samples:


1.  God gave us two ears and one mouth...He must have wanted me to do more listening than talking.

2.  Swallowing my pride will not get me drunk.

3. Service can be inspirational!


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