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Message from Antlers!    
VOTE!   My Dad, the late Ralph Fox was fanatical about voting. For a while, the voting precinct was in his photo studio, which was in our house at 1601 Euclid. The night before the election, they would set up the voting booths and the Democrats and Republicans would gather to count the votes. He always wanted to get his in first to election headquarters, but he never got more than second. Write in votes would slow down the process and the men at the halfway houses would always write in his name for office. Ralph Fox always received votes for mayor or governor or President. I always wondered what would happen if he actually ran for office.
One time in the fifties, the A.A. community staged a write in campaign and elected one of their own, Pat Boyles, the mayor of Lincoln. We had a parade around Lincoln in cars, honking horns and it was great fun and he turned out to be a great mayor.
That is a little piece of AA history.   - Paige Namuth

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