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Note...this is not an official Al-anon website.  It is maintained by a private party.  It is for informational purposes only.  However, we have provided links to all the official sites that we know of for your convenience.

Click here for an Al-Anon group inventory. Is your group fulfilling it's pupose?


A little history of Lois Wilson and Al-Anon.  Alcholics...remember...if it had not been for Lois...there would be no AA !  She would have shot Bill and that would have been the end of it !!!

This is Lois's book by her bed at Stepping Stones:


It had a book mark in it and the staff said that this was the last day that she read the book at Stepping Stones.


This is looking off the back porch of the house at Stepping Stones.  I took it in either 93 or 95 when I  was at conference. It is absolutely beautiful there. This was in the spring.



This is a picture of the Bird Bath in the front yard, in the background is "Wits End" where Bill wrote the 12 Steps.