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Our Mission

Have you ever been at a meeting when they read all the announcements about events that are related to recovery and 2 minutes later you completely forgot what they said? Hopefully this site will help you to remember. This site is not associated in any way with any specific recovery, 12 step program or treatment center. It is not intended to be the voice of any program. It is just one more tool for recovery. Our mission is to help build recovery in the lives of the people who have been affected by alcoholism, drug addiction, and related issues. We will accomplish this by keeping addicts informed about recovery events and resources from local and national recovery organizations.

Thank you.

This site is not associated or affiliated with any recovery program, 12-Step program, treatment facility, religion or political party.  It is simply a tool for those in recovery and people thinking about recovery to get information about recovery.  You will find links and information to all of the above except political parties.  Where links are provided...that does not constitute an endorsement on our part.  Where politicians are listed, it is for contact information or to get their opinion on drug, alcohol or treatment policy.  We have created an "information" website.  It is nothing more than a bulletin board.

This site is a tool for those of us, in recovery and for those thinking about recovery who would like information on upcoming events and information about the recovery community.  It is a place where people can gather information and act or not act on it. 
Our mission is to help build recovery in the lives of the people who have been affected by addiction.  We will accomplish this by keeping people informed about recovery events and resources from their local recovery outlets and the international recovery community.

Although we support the recovery programs in this website, we are not promoting or claiming to be a spokeman for AA, NA, CA or any other 12 step or recovery program or treatment center.  Links are provided to different recovery programs for information purposes only.  We are not endorsing these programs.  We just want to get information into the hands of people that need it and want it. Period.

You will find AA, NA and other recovery events listed together on this website.  This is not to affiliate or associate one program with another.  It is simply to help the community plan events so that they do not conflict with one another.  Many of us consider ourselves members of several recovery programs.  We would like to attend your event, but if it is scheduled where it conflicts with another is hard for us to be in two places at one time.

The goal of is not to replace AA, NA, 12-Step programs or recovery programs.  Our goal is to support all programs that "might" help get the alcoholic/addict clean and sober. 
We have found several of the programs listed on this site helpful in our recovery or in the recovery of someone we know personally.  We hope you will support us in our mission to support you !!!

- Fred Marks



All of us involved with Partners in Recovery, the Nebraska Recovery Network and consider ourselves members of 12 step programs.  However, you don't have to be a member of a 12 step program to get involved.  If you think Alcohol and Drugs are a problem in our society and you want to get involved in changing the public perception and help ease the stigma of recovery, you are welcome to join us.  There are no dues or fees.

Note about Traditions:

At this time, all of us involved with this website consider ourselves members of one 12 step program or another.  We are quite aware of the traditions and we are glad they are there and in place and entrenched in our programs so that our programs continue to thrive and grow. 
We do not consider our mission to be in violation of the 12 traditions. When speaking about "recovery" to the public, we do not mention what particular program we attend.  We respect and apply the traditions of our programs.  We are not promoting our particular program. We are only an information service for the public at large and we educate the public and government agencies about the nature of addiction and we advocate for recovery.  
We are not interested in replacing AA or NA.  We are not interested in merging NA and AA.  That would be a disaster!  Our mission is to advocate for recovery, of all kinds, and to give recovery a voice in city, state and federal government, the press and with the public. 
We want to show the public that addiction is not the end.  Recovery is a reality!  In fact, recovery is the beginning of great things! 
We want to give people in recovery a chance to shine.  At all of our events, people in recovery are encouraged to showcase their talent, skill and creativity.   Alcoholic/Addicts do not have to stop being creative.  In fact, we have witnessed artists of all kinds improve their skills by getting clean and sober!
Please help us end the stigma that the public has about us and that we have about ourselves !!!  Above all, we want to show the public and our fellows in recovery, that life without alcohol and drugs is fun !!!

This site comes to you as a public service.  It is free! 

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In case you want to sue us:

The material in this site is provided for personal, non-commercial, educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement with respect to any company, product or program. makes no representations and specifically disclaims all warranties, express, implied or statutory, regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any material contained in this site. You should seek the advice of a professional regarding your particular mental illness, recovery issue or situation.

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