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News from Rod at Valley Hope:

Notice: Lincoln Valley Hope Closing.
It seems to be a sign of the times. So many business's are down-sizing or closing their doors. Lincoln Valley Hope in not immune to the floundering economy.
On Friday, April 24th, Lincoln Valley Hope will be closing after nearly 25 years of service to the Lincoln and Lancaster county area residents. The staff at Lincoln Valley Hope would like to invite you, your friends and alumni you may know to help us close the facility. On Tuesday, April 14th and Thursday April 16th, we plan to have the Lincoln Valley Hope facility available to you from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Please feel free to stop by, share a story and enjoy some treats, coffee or ice tea with us. Sue, Lita, Jeff, Joan, and Rod would like share this time with you to help bring closure to Lincoln Valley Hope.
If you can't attend on one of these dates please feel free to call (402) 464-0033.
Lincoln Valley Hope is located at: 600 North Cotner, Ste 119.
We look forward to seeing you!

I'd like to add a comment or two about the Lincoln Alumni & Recovery Friends Golf Tournament schedule to be held on Saturday, May 30th, 2009.  The committee has decided to go ahead with the fund raiser. The Alumni and Friends committee has a strong commitment to help people access treatment.
Last week it was reported we had 17 teams committed to golf in the fund raiser, companies and individuals had sent in over $1,000 for pin prizes/donations. We also had a report we had all the food already donated.
We're excited about this event and ask each of you to spread the word to your friends and professional contacts. Should you like to donate or help in anyway I've attached a flier to this email.
Again, thank you for your support and kindness through-out the years and at this time of the closing of Lincoln Valley Hope.

- Rod


News from Hope:

Most of us have heard that Hope Auditorium has been sold and that the last 0900 Sunday meeting will be on 28 March 2009.  Of course, many of us have fond memories of this meeting. 
A vote was taken and the 0900 meeting at Hope Auditorium will be moving to the 7th Street Loft at Detox.  The address is: 721 K Street, Lincoln, NE 68508  Phone: (402) 477-3951


As far as other meetings at Hope Auditorium...they will all decide for themselves whether to stay or go.  The Church that bought Hope wants to have as many recovery meetings continue as possible.  However, the 0900 Sunday meeting had to move as that is when the new Church has worship services.