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Veteran Recovery Issues

Homeless Veterans in America's Heartland?!?

Surge seen in homeless Veterans!

Issue: Homeless Veterans

Date: 20 November 2007

This is what the VA wants to do in Lincoln, Nebraska and across the country:

These are the problems and issues we are having in Lincoln:

Homeless veterans? Seems to me that this just should not happen. Nebraska is the only state in the Country that does not have a domiciliary where homeless veterans can go. Jason is just the beginning. There will be more when this war is over:

Please read and write to Senator Hagel, Senator Nelson and Congressman Fortenberry and ask them why there is no domiciliary in Lincoln when there are four empty buildings on the Lincoln, Nebraska VA Medical Center campus? If they tell you that there is no money, tell them President Bush should have thought of that before we went to war in Iraq. Everybody is for saving tax dollars, however, our returning Veterans deserve the best!!!

Contact Senator Ben Nelson:

Contact Senator Chuck Hagel:

Contact Representative Fortenberry:

One man's solution: I think all sides can win here!

1. Years ago I condoned the use of a Government Health card that would pay for all Veteran health care 100 percent at any U.S. Hospital and with any U.S. doctor! A Senator Hagel staffer called my idea radical. I see now where this idea has been adopted by some of the people running for U.S. President (that's ok; they can take credit for my idea). It is a good one no matter who came up with it.

2. Sell all Veteran Affairs Hospitals, land and equipment to the private sector to be used for the general health of the public with special consideration to Veterans and their families.

3. Lay off all Veteran Affairs Administration staff.

4. With the money that is saved (and made)from the above cuts, simplify Veteran Health care! No more Military or VA ratings. This can be a recruiting tool for new service members. Tell them, you sign the dotted line and you complete your first tour and your heath care is provided for LIFE!!!

5. VA staff should be given priority for hiring in the private sector. We may also want to keep a bare bones staff to deal with issues especially related to Veterans; for example: PTSD clinics and Drug and Alcohol clinics.

These are all just ideas, of course, and my opinion. I think we should all be willing to work together to solve the problem.

I have identified the problem and I have come up with a possible solution. I have also referenced articles above that might explain the situation more clearly. Please give all of this your deepest consideration.

Veteran and Recovery Activist

The return from the killing fields is more than a debriefing it is a slow ascent from hell.  - James Hillman "A Terrible Love of War"

Click here for: FAQ (Frequently asked questions about the above idea).