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Once in a while one of us gets asked the question,"Have you made any money with"  The answer is no. In fact, this site costs us money.  We did not create it to make money.  We created it to be of service to the recovery community.  As far as making money goes...this site is in the red.  But, that's ok...

We have made numerous friend's, with this web site, and it keeps us in touch with the recovery community and it keeps us clean and sober. So, even though we have not made a dime from this site, the benefits of keeping it up are tremendous! It has helped us and we hope it helps you. 

We have not told many people who we are...We prefer to remain anonymous.  However, if you do know who we are, remember, we are not a web designers and we have very little talent in making web pages. offers us all the tools we need to develop this site with out any knowledge of computers or HTML.  It is a lot like putting an easy puzzle together.  So, don't get any ideas...we are not a genius's.  Although, in our heads...we think we are sometimes. It is all an illusion! 

We hope to keep this site going as long as we live and we hope that someone will pick up the ball when we die. In the meantime...let's have some fun in recovery because if we don't enjoy recovery, using looks like a good option. Using is NOT a good option.

Yes, there is advertising on here.  This site is not bound by any program or treatment center.  Up to this point there has been no money generated from the Afflitiate Links on this site.  However, if any money is generated from these Affiliates it will help support the cost of this site.  If money is generated above what it costs to run this will be donated to the various recovery programs in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska.  These Affiliate Links are here to help support this site as well as to help you in your recovery.  We hope you enjoy our Affiliates and we urge you to check them out. 

All that said, we will accept monetary gifts and I will use the money to keep this site up and running.  If you can help, we thank you very much!  :)

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Please contact to add events, meetings, stories or other recovery related content.